My Dear Daughter Vanessa, 

Thank you for teaching us about Autism, sign language, learning disabilities and anatomy. 

Thank you for the laughs and good times.  Thank you for showing us the human spirit and the will to live. 

Thank you for showing us the vast limits of human endurance.  Thank you most of all, for showing us that love has no limits.  We will love you forever. 

In my grief I do not walk alone, you shadow walks beside me, holding my hand. 

You are with me when I go to the library asking to go on the ‘puter’.  

I hear you say “firetruck, hose, water, sshh, whenever the fire whistle goes off. 

I hear your soft goodnight goose when I go to sleep. 

Good night goose, I cannot say goodbye. ~Mom & Dad. 

I am exhausted as I groan; all night long I drench my bed in tears; my tears saturate the cushion beneath me.  ~Psalm 6:6. 

Even in laughter the heart may ache, and the end of joy grief.  ~Proverbs 14:13. 

This is Sunrise Aftercare,