It’s time for New Year’s resolutions! Don’t think that just because the New Year is already underway that it’s too late for you and your family to make a New Year’s resolution. If you’re a parent who enjoys making the annual resolutions and celebrating the successes that come with achieving those goals, discover a few ways to make it fun for the entire family.

   Each family member can share something the family can continue to do and something they would like to change to improve their self and/or how the family works.

   Encourage children to write down their accomplishments and their goals.

   Create resolutions for the entire family such as taking a monthly hike, playing board games twice a month or having a weekly movie night at home.

   Get unplugged: Set a goal of spending at least one day a month without your gadgets and enjoy the outdoors or have a board game marathon.

   Eat well: Commit to eating healthy meals as a family.

   Exercise: Make fitness fun and easy by doing family activities that get you moving such just going for a walk or riding your bike after dinner.

   Read: Read a book that you own and have never opened or read one of your favorites again.

   Do chores: Have a system that spreads out the household responsibilities like keeping a “chore jar” with slips of paper for kids to pick which chore they’ll do that week.

   Be good to others: Give a refresher on manners and keep in mind that kids learn how to be kind by watching their parents’ actions.

   Get more sleep: Everyone needs a good night’s sleep to stay healthy and productive.

   Save money: Start the year off right by managing your debt and saving money every way you can.

   Live green: Involve the entire family in recycling.